VISO KAMO SUTRA VASE V04 (Limited Stock)

VISO comes to life through deep roots inspired by the worlds of art and design, creating distinct apparel and objects designed by expert artisans in their fields.
Every single item created by VISO is carefully developed. Craftsmanship becomes the sole purpose in manufacturing this sustainable and limited production.
The juxtaposition of classic porcelain and our “Kamo-Sutra” pattern is not your typical grandmother’s china.
Created by VISO and crafted by Sargadelos – a Spanish ceramics manufacturer with over 100 years of tradition; each of the items in this first handmade “Kamo-Sutra” capsule have been carefully crafted under extensive quality control and dedication in Cervo, Lugo; a picturesque village in the north of Spain.


Dimensions 17cm x 14cm
Made in Spain.


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